Why Azerbaijan is a Fantastic Summer Destination

Why Azerbaijan is a Fantastic Summer Destination

Looking for something fun and exciting to do with your family this summer? Why not check out the guided tours in Azerbaijan! There are all sorts of different tours available, from historical tours to wine tastings. No matter what interests you and your family, there is sure to be a tour for you in this beautiful country.  Plus, Azerbaijan is home to some beautiful scenery and historical landmarks, so you can be sure to see plenty of amazing sights on your tour.


The climate in Azerbaijan varies a lot from region to region but for most travelers, the most relevant climate is that of Baku and Northern Azerbaijan.

Average temperatures in Baku, extracted from climatestotravel.com

Baku in the summer can get quite hot – 30 degrees Celsius is common and there can be some days with 40 degrees Celsius.  However, there is always wind in Baku that can make the heat much more bearable than you might imagine.  Summer is a great time to consider hitting the beaches of Baku.

Northern Azerbaijan is considerably cooler than Baku.  Temperatures range between 25 and 35 degrees during the day but the evenings can quite cold.  We often have to wear a light jacket in the evenings.

So if you are coming from colder climates, Azerbaijan will be a nice opportunity to warm up your bones and get some sun.

If you are coming from warmer climates, Azerbaijan will be your chance to cool down and experience a milder summer than back home.

Geographic Location

Azerbaijan is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Middle East and Europe, making it very accessible to most travelers.  See below a map showing all direct flight routes to Baku from one of our favorite tools: FlightConnections.com.

Map of direct flight connections to Azerbaijan, extracted from FlightConnections.com

For our guests from the Middle East, Azerbaijan gives many benefits of European destinations without the 7-8 hour, expensive flights and unfamiliar culture.  After all, for most Middle Eastern cities, Baku is only 2-3 hours away.

On the other hand for our European guests, Azerbaijan can be a taste of the Middle East without the culture shock and extreme summer heat.  Baku is only 3-4 hours from most European cities.

We at Toso Tour can help you book your flights (we don’t charge any commission for this service) or you can check out article on how to find the best deals on flights.

Baku – A City for Every Taste

Baku, the capital, is a city where people of all cultures and backgrounds can find interesting things to see, taste and do.  It’s an ancient city that has lived through empires and is now developing very quickly.

Visiting the historic sites can be an educational experience to adults and kids.  Nature lovers can explore the unique mud volcanoes (interesting fact: Azerbaijan is home to the most number of mud volcanoes in the world).  Party-people can dance all their stresses away in the exquisite night clubs of Baku.  Foodies can explore the unique food culture of Azerbaijan which covers many different cultures and nationalities.

We have a lot of tours that cover all these interests or you can contact us for custom recommendations to suit your needs.

One with Nature in the Caucasus Mountains

Just a few hours north of Azerbaijan, travelers can take in the fresh air, taste the fresh water and enjoy the nature of the Caucasus mountains.  The luscious green forests of Northern Azerbaijan are fantastic for picnics, hikes and get-togethers.  The weather is much cooler as the region is more north and the elevation also reduces the temperatures.  This is a popular destination for both international and local travelers.

Check out our tour to Quba which is one of the most popular amongst all the tours we offer.

Book Your Summer Trip to Azerbaijan with Toso Tour

If you’re looking for an amazing summer vacation destination that offers plenty of guided tours and historical landmarks, look no further than Azerbaijan! Our team at Toso Tour can help you book a tour of this beautiful country with confidence, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We promise you won’t be disappointed with all the wonderful things Azerbaijan has to offer. Thanks for reading!

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