Must Visit Places In Azerbaijan

Must Visit Places In Azerbaijan

For travelers, Azerbaijan can offer great excitement and adventure. It is a country in the south part of the Caucasus. The geographical location of the country makes it a must-visit place due to the unique blend of West and East. Also, Azerbaijan has a deep history that many people may find interesting. Are you planning a trip to Azerbaijan? Then, here are the places you need to visit to enjoy the experience.


It is the beautiful capital city of Azerbaijan. The place has beautiful views due to its proximity to the Caspian Sea. You can find a mix of old and modern architecture. In Baku, you can see the Flame Towers that resemble the fire. You can also check out the artworks in the Museum of Contemporary art. You can explore the city to enjoy the local markets.

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The city shares the border with Iran. Located at Astara Rayon, it is a beautiful city with gigantic mountains and green forests. It offers a visual treat to tourists. You can enjoy your time in the city by sitting at the local picturesque cafes and restaurants. It will also give you a chance to enjoy the taste of the local cuisine. You can see a museum in the city that has preserved items dating back to two thousand years.


It is a sixty-thousand-year-old town located in the Southern Greater Caucasus Mountain foothills. The town has historical significance as it gets the distinction as a prominent landmark on the silk route. It was well-known for textiles, silk, and embroidery. You can see ancient castles, mosques, and palaces of Sheki Khans here. The mountains in the background of the city make it a beautiful location you must never miss.


Quba attracts tourists as it remains the prominent destination on the northeast side of Azerbaijan. You can explore Quba to learn more about the country’s culture. This stunning place lies across the Qudailchay river. On its banks, you can see the ancient village. On the opposite side of the river, you can see a small Jewish settlement. The area has an aura due to having mountains as the backdrop. It is the perfect location for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Goyazan Mountains

If you are visiting Azerbaijan, you can explore some stunning places. Goyazan mountains can blow your mind away. The mountains rest at a height of 857.9meters above sea level. Located on the outskirts of Alpout and Abbasbayli villages, the mountains have rolling fields surrounding them. The plains and mountains offer a picturesque image to the visitors.

There’s More…

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