How to Book Cheap Flights to Azerbaijan from UAE

How to Book Cheap Flights to Azerbaijan from UAE

Do you want to explore Azerbaijan but are not sure how to buy the cheapest, most convenient tickets?  In this article we will walk you step-by-step on how you can book cheap flights to Azerbaijan from UAE.

I have been booking cheap tickets for myself, my friends and family for ages and in this article I would like to share my process with you so that you also can travel the world on a budget.  Although the article will focus on flights from UAE to Azerbaijan, you can use this procedure for any city pairs!  I must warn you, the procedure the is somewhat complicated so if you struggle, just shoot us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.  As one of the leading tour operators in Azerbaijan, we offer this service completely free of charge!

Identifying the Routes

My favorite tool for identifying convenient flight routes and schedules is  Even with their free tools (doesn’t require any signup) you can check out which airlines fly to the cities that interest you and even see their flight schedules.  With their premium option, you can select regions, look at prices and much more.

This is not really necessary because UAE-Baku flight routes are pretty straightforward but I am just including this step as a demonstration in case you want to look at other destinations.

All you have to do is just head over to and put in your city pairs in the search bar.  In my case, I used a region to include nearby airports in the search.

Flight routes between UAE and Baku, extracted from
Flight routes between UAE and Baku, extracted from

Immediately we can see that we have multiple airport and airline options.  In Baku, the only international airport is the Heydar Aliyev International Airport.  In UAE, however, you have three options: Sharjah International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai International Airport.  All three airports are within a couple hours of driving so sometimes it will make sense to drive a little more in the UAE to score cheaper tickets.

Although my premium account on gives me access to pricing, I will not use this feature right now so I can demonstrate how you can find tickets completely for free.

Finding the Tickets

The best tool for finding cheap tickets is Google Flights.  It’s completely free, very fast and has some powerful features like choosing multiple airlines, alliances, airports, arrival/departure times and even free-baggage selection!  Another feature I like is their “Explore” function which allows you to see cheapest destinations from your city of origin for specific dates or for flexible dates.  Anyway, more on that on another post.

In Google Flights I put Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah in the “From” field and “Baku” in the “To” field – you can do it in reverse.  I selected some approximate dates and hit search.

Google Flights search results for UAE-Baku flights.
Google Flights search results for UAE-Baku flights.

Immediately I get a list of results for the cheapest flights on those dates.  Cheapest option is 603 AED with Wizz Air, not bad…but we can do better.  Google Flights automatically recommends to me to look at other dates for even cheaper options.  At this stage I click “Date Grid” and am presented with a grid that can help identify the cheapest travel dates.

Google Flights price grid for UAE-Baku flights.
Google Flights price grid for UAE-Baku flights.

In this imaginary situation, I am flexible and would actually like to explore more of Azerbaijan and book many guided tours with one of the leading tour operators in Azerbaijan so I select the 317 AED option for 18-25 May, choose a booking option and off we go!

Booking your Flight to Baku

Google Flights booking options for UAE-Baku flights.
Google Flights booking options for UAE-Baku flights.

Google Flights will present many booking options but I usually select booking directly with the airlines – it’s just easier, safer and will usually give you more credit card points (will write more about this on another post).


Traveling around the world is now more affordable than ever. As a leading tour operator in Azerbaijan, we at Toso Tour are committed to pricing our guided tours fairly and providing our customers with the best experience in Azerbaijan. With the same guiding principle in mind, we want our customers to be equally comfortable with their flight booking options. There are numerous free online tools available to assist you in finding the best deals on airline tickets, but it can all be a little overwhelming at times. We are delighted to assist our customers in locating and booking the most suitable flight tickets at no cost. Simply contact us and we will either book your flights for you or assist you in the booking process.

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