Amazing Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan

Amazing Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan

Do you like exploring new locations? Then, you need to plan a trip to Azerbaijan. Known popularly as the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan has many exotic places to explore. The hospitality of the locals makes the trip memorable. This destination has become easy to access due to the introduction of e-Visa by the government. You can explore the location in the Caucasus at affordable prices. Are you not convinced? Then, read ahead to know the reasons why you need to visit this mysterious country.

Mud Volcanoes

Volcanoes are the term that invokes fear in people. In Azerbaijan, you can see different volcanoes triggering curiosity. You can visit mud volcanoes along the Absheron Peninsula. Azerbaijan has more than one-third of the mud volcanoes found in the world. As the name suggests, instead of hot lava, it erupts mud due to the subterranean gas build-up. You can see the largest mud volcanoes in Boyuk Khanizadagh and Turaghai.

You can explore the Mud Volcanoes around Baku as part of our extended Baku tour.

Explore Mountain Villages

You can see some of the beautiful mountain villages created by Azerbaijan and Georgia. You can explore the cultural and historical villa villages along the Caucasus Mountains stretch. It is a favorite place tourists like to visit. Explore Quba, the tourist destination attracting visitors from all around the world.

Although we offer tours all around Azerbaijan, Quba is our specialty since we are born and raised in Quba and our company was founded in Quba.

Check out our day tour to Quba and Khinalig.

Check Out The Historical, Traditional, And Modern Architecture

Azerbaijan is a place where you can see a combination of historical, traditional, and modern architecture. You can see medieval places, Government House, Flame Towers, and temples. By visiting the city of Baku, you can see varied architecture in the same place. The amalgamation of medieval and traditional Islamic styles makes Azerbaijan a place worth visiting.

Burning Water

Have you ever seen water burning? Due to The Oxymoronic Phenomenon, you can see the weird sight of water burning in Azerbaijan. In the wonderful natural site of Yanar Bulag situated to the south of Astara, you can see methane-infused water released from the underground spring. This water burns when ignited.

Visit Some Mysterious Locations

When you visit the old town in Baku known as Icheri Sheher, you can see a mysterious cylindrical building known as Maiden Town. Apart from its unusual structure, no information exists regarding its purpose or age. Gobustan on the southwest side of Baku has ancient settlements. It dates back to forty thousand years. It can evoke wonder and curiosity as the cave once provided shelter to early humans.

The Azerbaijan E-Visa

When the expense of processing a visa becomes lower, an exotic place becomes the best location for vacation. Earlier, Azerbaijan visa processing took a long time with hefty fees. Today, you can get e-visa with fewer formalities and cheaper rates. It costs less and takes only three business days to process.

We at Toso Tour can help you or you can do the process yourself on the official e-visa portal here.  If you need our help, just give us a shout – we do not charge ANYTHING for this service.

Let Us Show You Azerbaijan

Does the idea of visiting Azerbaijan appeal to you? Then, you need to seek the assistance of an expert travel agency like Toso Tour to customize your trip and make it memorable. The experts have organized and arranged tours to meet the satisfaction of the clients. With expert help, you never have to worry about the logistics of the trip. You can enjoy the best experience in Azerbaijan as the travel experts can suggest a tour meeting your unique needs.

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